Last updated and effective 01-May-2019

NJ Motorcycle Road Test Services

 - On the date of your NJ Motorcycle road test we'll accompany you to the road test site.
 - We'll deliver a registered, insured and inspected automatic (no gear shifting)
    250cc Honda Scooter, for an UNRESTRICTED license, to your NJ DMV test location.
 - When you are ready, we'll get onto line to take your real road test on the same scooter.

NJ Motorcycle Road Test Package *:

  1. Scooter Rental

    • Vehicle Familiarization
    • Vehicle Rental
    • Use of Vehicle for Practice
    • Use of Vehicle for Road Test
  2. Licensed Motorcycle Operator

    (to accompany you to your road test)



You get all of the above for: $130/prsn

Important Notes:

* Important Note. We do not teach motorcycle riding.

NJ Motorcycle Road Test Package is not a lesson on how to ride a motorcycle.

Practice time is provided to allow you to:

 - Get familiar with the weight, throttle, brakes and maneuverability of the vehicle

 - Get accustomed to how the vehicle will handle during the actual road test

=>The expectation is that you have basic riding skills.
If you have never ridden before or you don't know how to ride, we can provide you a referral for a private lesson (upon request)

Stop looking over your shoulder while riding. Get street legal. Call Buck or Maria today!

For more information, call us at: 201.460.5892